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How Big Data is Impacting Cyber Security Operations

Business and organizations are digitally transforming, this spans from automated customer support systems to the intelligent business analytics. The interconnectedness and the use of disruptive technologies like IoT and cloud are enabling the business to grow faster and be competitive. The mammoth of data generated by IT infrastructure, operational technologies, and IoT is utilized for business analytics, improving operational efficiencies. At the same cyber-attack vector is increasing and cybercriminals are making use of exposure of data to launch high profile attacks and steal the data without getting noticed by cyber defense systems for months together. The following diagram shows the biggest data breaches of the 21st century. (Source CSOonline) Continue reading “How Big Data is Impacting Cyber Security Operations”

Top Five Security Certifications

Today’s cyber-attacks are highly sophisticated and exploit specific vulnerabilities,   The regulatory compliance requirements are becoming stringent and there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

To grow in this dynamic profession and a wide variety of the tool and technology landscape, it is always confusing what to do next to progress in career and how to take the advantage of this rising tide of cyber-attacks and regulatory requirements. Continue reading “Top Five Security Certifications”

Application Security Best Practices Framework

The Year 2017 was the year of globally impacting attacks like WannaCry and Petya and high profile data breaches like Equifax , Uber , Yahoo where millions of user accounts were stolen by the attackers.

Equifax, one of the three largest credit agencies in the U.S., suffered a breach that may affect 143 million consumers. Hackers were able to access personal data of 143 million Equifax customers—including Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers. This is one of the worst breaches ever. With help from Mandiant a professional cybersecurity firm, Equifax was able to determine a series of breaches had occurred from May 13 through July 30 hackers were able to exploit a weak point in website software. Continue reading “Application Security Best Practices Framework”

Security Concerns of Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)

In today’s highly value-focused businesses, treating patients in the closed wall of hospitals is thing of the past; the patients and payers (insurance payers) are expecting high-quality services and low cost. To survive in the highly competitive market, healthcare institutions are riding on the wave of digitization. The industry is evolving new operating models and the new generation of technologies to provide efficient services either in a hospital environment or from the patient’s home. Continue reading “Security Concerns of Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)”

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?

Imagine you are in 1980, where the personal computers are only for the academicians and researchers and the only network was ARPA to share the research papers. In those days,  it might have been sounded like a scene in Si-Fi movie if somebody says the computer with the huge amount of processing power, memory and storage space can be carried in a pocket and without any physical connectivity and you can use it for broadcasting or view a high-quality video in near real-time. The smartphones of today are much more powerful than the imagination of computing power in those days. Continue reading “How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?”

The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)

The year 2017 has been dominated by the worst cyber-attacks and high profile data breaches. Just to give an example,

Consumer credit score company Equifax has revealed that hackers accessed up to 143 million customer account details earlier this year. The data breach happened on July 29 and the details taken include names, social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, and credit card numbers of around 200,000 people Continue reading “The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)”



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