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How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?

Imagine you are in 1980, where the personal computers are only for the academicians and researchers and the only network was ARPA to share the research papers. In those days,  it might have been sounded like a scene in Si-Fi movie if somebody says the computer with the huge amount of processing power, memory and storage space can be carried in a pocket and without any physical connectivity and you can use it for broadcasting or view a high-quality video in near real-time. The smartphones of today are much more powerful than the imagination of computing power in those days. Continue reading “How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?”

The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)

The year 2017 has been dominated by the worst cyber-attacks and high profile data breaches. Just to give an example,

Consumer credit score company Equifax has revealed that hackers accessed up to 143 million customer account details earlier this year. The data breach happened on July 29 and the details taken include names, social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, and credit card numbers of around 200,000 people Continue reading “The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)”

Top 10 Skills Every CISO Must Have

Digitization of business, the involvement of disruptive technologies to perform business functions, dissolving the boundaries between usage of personal devices to business work and evolution of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning are increasing the attack vectors. The targeted attacks using the technological innovation has increased.  The recent ransomware attacks have proven capability to cripple the nationwide systems. This drives the regulators to add more complex regulatory mandates. Continue reading “Top 10 Skills Every CISO Must Have”

Top 10 Blogs Every Security Professional Must Read

Since the stone age, human beings are programmed to keep vigilance of surrounding to protect themselves and community from the prowling predator. They were having systems of signaling each other when one of them spots the danger to make sure that the community is protected. They also learned over a period of time that they can win the battle against a powerful enemy if they work as a team by forgetting difference of opinion or competition amongst themselves. Continue reading “Top 10 Blogs Every Security Professional Must Read”

7 Books Every CISO Bookshelf Should Have

The role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a relatively new and started getting organizational level recognition from the CxO community and board of directors.  To establish and prove the importance of this position CISO has to shoulder multiple tasks. Continue reading “7 Books Every CISO Bookshelf Should Have”

Future of (Cyber) Security Careers

In past two decades, cyber security has evolved at an accelerated rate due to advancements in technology and ever- expanding Internet. Thanks to hackers, without them cybersecurity industry might not have existed.

You will wonder before the internet era security was only limited to system administrative passwords. The Antivirus solution was born only after the first Virus attack in 1981 “Elk Virus”, which caused a massive outbreak ever in history Continue reading “Future of (Cyber) Security Careers”



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