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Dangers of Smart Cities – How to Make Them Super Secure?

To serve the need of the ever-increasing population in urban areas is stressing the resources available and the management of these resources. Examples of these resources are water, electricity, west, traffic, transport, parking, health services. The urban planning teams are taking advantage of the technology advancements, availability affordability of high-speed connectivity, the proliferation of IoT devices, and other smart technologies…

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How TOGAF ADM Can Help to Build Security Operation Center

As security architects, we are always challenged with relating business problems, threats, and agile IT to build security without hampering user experience and at the same time secure the crown jewels from lurking cybercriminals. Every CISO might dream of “to have a single screen which tells you how your organization current security posture looks like, which are the risk associated…

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Cybersecurity – Holistic View

In the past six months, our entire world has changed drastically, the business world is no exception to that, most of the businesses have to fast forward their digitization plans which were originally designed for five years. They have to execute these plans in just a few months, many employees are working from home for the first time and all…

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How Chaos Engineering can help to achieve Cyber Resilience?

The enterprise infrastructure is becoming more and more distributed and hence complex because of the technological innovations, digitization, proliferation of IoT devices. The current pandemic situation has added to this complexity by accelerating cloud migration projects, cloud-native solutions, and employees Working From Home (WFH). The survey jointly conducted by McAfee and Centre for Long Term Cybersecurity indicates that, across the…

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Next Steps to Cybersecurity – Cyber Resilience

Most of us awestruck by the exponential speed at which the Coronavirus, Covid-19 spread throughout the world. This has affected our personal life as well as the way business work, most of the organization turned to Work From Home (WFH) for their employees. This resulted in migrating business applications or workloads to the cloud and speeding up other digitization projects.…

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