Cyber Security

How to Confront Cyberbullying?

Each one of us has been either victim of cyber bullying or bullied somebody or witnessed the bullying. Either as victim or bully, we have gone through the suffering that comes along with it. At the face of it, bullying looks like aggressive behavior but it is not. Aggressive behavior can be provoked or is triggered by the event, it…

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Cyber Security, Deception

Deception As a Strategy for Cyber Security

We have learned deception from nature, we see plants, insects and animals are using deception in two ways. Predators use mimicry and enticement to lure the victims Camouflage as a survival technique Since ancient days human beings are using the deception to win over the opponents. The famous book Art of the War by Sun Tzu provides details of

Compliance, Cyber Security

7 Books Every CISO Bookshelf Should Have

The role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a relatively new and started getting organizational level recognition from the CxO community and board of directors.  To establish and prove the importance of this position CISO has to shoulder multiple tasks.

Cyber Security, IoT

Cyber Weapons And Their Dire Consequences

Exponential increase in social media, mobile and IoT devices in our personal and professional life has created tremendous dependency on the internet. Recent spur of cyber-attacks has raised global concerns. News of CIA losing the control of hacking arsenal can create havoc if it falls into wrong hands.

Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Machine Learning

Key Benefits of Cognitive Security

Security threats are growing in volumes and sophistication. Despite the implementation of best of breed detective and preventive controls from edge to endpoints, attackers can get into the organization’s network to steal information or hold organizations data hostage for ransom. Like latest ransomware attack impacted over 200 countries. In this age of IoT, BYOD and social networking – monitoring, analyzing and identifying the…

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Block Chain, Cyber Security

Security Challenges of Blockchain

The cyber attacks on banking and finance industry are increasing. We have witnessed the hacking of   SWIFT network and payment gateways for stealing consumer data. Despite every effort of cyber security defense teams, the hackers can materialize the attacks. Just after two months of the economy crash in 2008, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Quark etc. became popular, and the backbone…

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