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Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) – Why We Need to be Proactive ?

In recent days we started hearing a lot about Quantum Computing and how it will change the world the way it getting operated now. We also started seeing a discussion about how it will impact cybersecurity from both hacker’s point of view and organizational defence point of view.

When we think about security, the first line of defence is cryptography. This is most wildly used security major to protect data when it is moving across the network or it is stored for future use. When we see that green lock in front of any browsing link we rest assure our transactions, maybe it is e-commerce site purchase or checking e-mail, is protected from the prying eyes of hackers. The algorithm used for this kind of encryption is the public key algorithm. Continue reading “Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) – Why We Need to be Proactive ?”

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?

Imagine you are in 1980, where the personal computers are only for the academicians and researchers and the only network was ARPA to share the research papers. In those days,  it might have been sounded like a scene in Si-Fi movie if somebody says the computer with the huge amount of processing power, memory and storage space can be carried in a pocket and without any physical connectivity and you can use it for broadcasting or view a high-quality video in near real-time. The smartphones of today are much more powerful than the imagination of computing power in those days. Continue reading “How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?”



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