Security Concerns of Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)

In today’s highly value-focused businesses, treating patients in the closed wall of hospitals is thing of the past; the patients and payers (insurance payers) are expecting high-quality services and low cost. To survive in the highly competitive market, healthcare institutions are riding on the wave of digitization. The industry is evolving new operating models and the new generation of technologies to provide efficient services either in a hospital environment or from the patient’s home. Continue reading “Security Concerns of Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT)”

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?

Imagine you are in 1980, where the personal computers are only for the academicians and researchers and the only network was ARPA to share the research papers. In those days,  it might have been sounded like a scene in Si-Fi movie if somebody says the computer with the huge amount of processing power, memory and storage space can be carried in a pocket and without any physical connectivity and you can use it for broadcasting or view a high-quality video in near real-time. The smartphones of today are much more powerful than the imagination of computing power in those days. Continue reading “How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cyber Security?”

The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)

The year 2017 has been dominated by the worst cyber-attacks and high profile data breaches. Just to give an example,

Consumer credit score company Equifax has revealed that hackers accessed up to 143 million customer account details earlier this year. The data breach happened on July 29 and the details taken include names, social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, and credit card numbers of around 200,000 people Continue reading “The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)”

Cyber Security Ethics

“In law, a man is guilty when he violets the rights of others.  In ethics, he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.” Immanuel Kant

In last few years, specifically after the economic crash down, there are plenty of stories that highlight the pitfalls on road of business success and the people in power abuse power to well. The story can be  Wells Fargo (WFC, -0.48%) employees creating fake accounts in the names of real customers, or pharma giant Mylan imposing big price increases on users of its life-saving EpiPen. Continue reading “Cyber Security Ethics”

Risk Management Using Artificial Intelligence

When we go through the pages of history, we can easily make out, the economic activities have a substantial risk, and management of these risks is essentially safeguarding the impact on the society and human life. In this era of digitization, businesses have relied more and more on the digital information. Protecting digital information from the risk of compromise, accidental exposure and/or intentional damage has become the prime responsibility of businesses. Continue reading “Risk Management Using Artificial Intelligence”

Top 10 Skills Every CISO Must Have

Digitization of business, the involvement of disruptive technologies to perform business functions, dissolving the boundaries between usage of personal devices to business work and evolution of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning are increasing the attack vectors. The targeted attacks using the technological innovation has increased.  The recent ransomware attacks have proven capability to cripple the nationwide systems. This drives the regulators to add more complex regulatory mandates. Continue reading “Top 10 Skills Every CISO Must Have”

How Can Small Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyber Attack?

Small businesses are the backbone of any nation’s economy. Historically big enterprises depended on small businesses for producing spare parts, performing jobs to keep the cost low of their products.  In the era of digitization big organizations, except for their core business elements, outsources almost all jobs to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). This includes accounting, marketing, financial management, credit collection, employee /HR management, etc. Continue reading “How Can Small Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyber Attack?”

A Day in CISO’s Life

My profession gives me the chance of meeting and having deep discussions with CISO. Being in the profession for long enough to have CISO’s in my list of personal friends, I get to know the both sides of the coin, professional and personal.

The job of CISO is demanding and challenging. Change is the only constant thing in CISO’s day. Most of the CISO’s say that there is no fixed pattern to their day. They can plan some part of the day but the plan needs to modify to pay attention to the urgent and important issues arise due to the dynamic nature of cyber security issues. Continue reading “A Day in CISO’s Life”



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