Security Challenges of Blockchain

The cyber attacks on banking and finance industry are increasing. We have witnessed the hacking of   SWIFT network and payment gateways for stealing consumer data. Despite every effort of cyber security defense teams, the hackers can materialize the attacks.

Just after two months of the economy crash in 2008, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Quark etc. became popular, and the backbone of these currencies is Blockchain. In this article let us discuss what Blockchain is? How does it work? What are its strengths? And how safe it is? Continue reading “Security Challenges of Blockchain”

Future of (Cyber) Security Careers

In past two decades, cyber security has evolved at an accelerated rate due to advancements in technology and ever- expanding Internet. Thanks to hackers, without them cybersecurity industry might not have existed.

You will wonder before the internet era security was only limited to system administrative passwords. The Antivirus solution was born only after the first Virus attack in 1981 “Elk Virus”, which caused a massive outbreak ever in history Continue reading “Future of (Cyber) Security Careers”

Artificial Intelligence and Changing Face of Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity attacks are evolved from wild predator-prey chase to well-designed targeted attacks which are creating significant financial and reputational damages to businesses and government.

Identification of these attacks is becoming very difficult for the cybersecurity defense teams as the signs of these attacks are very subtle. Hacker are using disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to plan and launch these attacks. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence and Changing Face of Cybersecurity”

Industry 4.0 – Is It Really Future Reality?

Traditional manufacturing or Industry 3.0 existed for approx. 45 years despite problems like unavailability of skilled labors, the dispute between labor and manufacturers. Now industry 3.0 is going through the profound digital transformation.  The technological advancements in robotics, sensors, 3D printing, and integration of the Internet of the Things (IoT) devices are boosting this revolution Continue reading “Industry 4.0 – Is It Really Future Reality?”

Security Threats Definitions – Decoded

There are many words acronyms in our daily vocabulary those we use with ease but to define them we have to scratch our heads. Following are few such words related to cybersecurity.

 Advance Persistent Threat (APT)– The sophisticated techniques, methods and attack vectors used by malicious intention hackers to get into the organization’s network and extend the foothold within IT infrastructure to extract the important, confidential data/information. The attacker without getting notices to the cybersecurity controls and monitoring tries multiple techniques till they get successful. Continue reading “Security Threats Definitions – Decoded”



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