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How Can Small Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyber Attack?

Small businesses are the backbone of any nation’s economy. Historically big enterprises depended on small businesses for producing spare parts, performing jobs to keep the cost low of their products.  In the era of digitization big organizations, except for their core business elements, outsources almost all jobs to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). This includes accounting, marketing, financial management, credit collection, employee /HR management, etc. Continue reading “How Can Small Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyber Attack?”

Getting Smart and Safe With Security Awareness

There is hardly a day when we do not read or get to know about cyber-attack, cyber- crime, security breach, zero day attack or identification of a new vulnerability.

We have seen every year the security budget and spend on the security is increasing and still, organizations are getting breached.  Most this money goes to implement and manage technologies and often the weakest link in the chain that is people who are creating, accessing the data are ignored.

Kevin Mitnick, “The World’s Most Famous Hacker” quotes

“Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption, and secure access devices, and its money wasted; none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain.”

Continue reading “Getting Smart and Safe With Security Awareness”

Security Threats Definitions – Decoded

There are many words acronyms in our daily vocabulary those we use with ease but to define them we have to scratch our heads. Following are few such words related to cybersecurity.

 Advance Persistent Threat (APT)– The sophisticated techniques, methods and attack vectors used by malicious intention hackers to get into the organization’s network and extend the foothold within IT infrastructure to extract the important, confidential data/information. The attacker without getting notices to the cybersecurity controls and monitoring tries multiple techniques till they get successful. Continue reading “Security Threats Definitions – Decoded”



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