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How TOGAF ADM Can Help to Build Security Operation Center

As security architects, we are always challenged with relating business problems, threats, and agile IT to build security without hampering user experience and at the same time secure the crown jewels from lurking cybercriminals. Every CISO might dream of “to have a single screen which tells you how your organization current security posture looks like, which are the risk associated…

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The Rise of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NG-SOC)

The year 2017 has been dominated by the worst cyber-attacks and high profile data breaches. Just to give an example, Consumer credit score company Equifax has revealed that hackers accessed up to 143 million customer account details earlier this year. The data breach happened on July 29 and the details taken include names, social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, and credit…

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A Day in CISO’s Life

My profession gives me the chance of meeting and having deep discussions with CISO. Being in the profession for long enough to have CISO’s in my list of personal friends, I get to know the both sides of the coin, professional and personal. The job of CISO is demanding and challenging. Change is the only constant thing in CISO’s day.…

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