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Top 10 Blogs Every Security Professional Must Read

Since the stone age, human beings are programmed to keep vigilance of surrounding to protect themselves and community from the prowling predator. They were having systems of signaling each other when one of them spots the danger to make sure that the community is protected. They also learned over a period of time that they can win the battle against a powerful enemy if they work as a team by forgetting difference of opinion or competition amongst themselves.

The evolution theory says the lessons those are required for survival and progression of humans are getting carry forward to the next generations. In our current evolution stage where machines have started becoming part of our daily life, we still feel the need of taking stock of our ever changing surroundings and keep us up-to-date, be it our wardrobe, software of the personal digital devices or professional developments.

Security professional and CISOs are not an exception for this. To protect the business from advisories is their prime responsibility. With evolution and inclusion of disruptive technologies is mainstream businesses has provided the fertile environment for adversaries to take an advantage of loose end of security fabric and launch attacks. The attack vectors are dynamic and attackers are changing their tactics to make the attacks more subtle.

The vigilant security professionals need to keep their knowledge up-to-date by taking advantage of community efforts like blog and forums, where the latest vulnerabilities, attack methods, and remediations are discussed.

In this article, we will look into the ten blogs sites that security professionals need to visit on daily basis.

These bloggers will provide you inputs on the breaches, threats, vulnerabilities, tricks of adversaries, discoveries, how they resolved problems encountered in day to day activities. These bloggers also understand how stressful the security profession is and hence they add humor as well.

McAfee – Security Tomorrow Today

Security news and resources on solutions for your small business or enterprise.

Frequency – about 18 posts per week

Kreb’s On Security

Brian Krebs is a household name in information security, and his blog is among the most well-known and respected in the space. A daily blog dedicated to investigative stories on cybercrime and computer security.

Frequency – about 3 posts per week

CSO Online

CSO, from IDG, provides news, analysis, and research on a range of security and risk management topics. Areas of focus include information security, data protection, social media security, social engineering, security awareness, business continuity and more

RSA Blogs

Blogs are written by RSA experts for Security Professionals. Read what RSA experts think about topics ranging from cloud security to cyber warfare to insider risk.

Frequency – about 5 posts per week

PCI Perspective

Insights, information and practical resources to help you protect payment data.

Frequency – about 1 post per week

Forbes Security

The latest news on digital security from Forbes.

Frequency – about 23 posts per week

Cisco Blogs

The latest updates on security from Cisco.

Frequency – about 7 posts per week

Symantec Connect Security

Symantec security research centers around the world provide unparalleled analysis of and protection from malware, security risks, vulnerabilities, and spam.

Frequency – about 117 posts per week

FireEye Blogs

Information and insight on today’s advanced threats from the leader in advanced threat prevention.

Frequency – about 5 blogs per week

TrendMicro Simply Security

Simply Security News, Views and Opinions from Trend Micro offers breaking security research and threat news that impacts your life every day.

Frequency – about 6 posts per week


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